Smart Cities: technology challenges

 As part of our recent hackathon, a series of questions were asked to the local organizers of the cities involved in the Global Urban Datafest. The questions and answers give some useful insight into the main issues we are trying to address and my thoughts on how we at Urban Opus can tackle those issues. —- As a faculty member at the University of British Columbia and President and CEO of Internet of Things platform company Sense Tecnic, you spend…

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Hackathon results

Results from the March Smart City Hackathon We had  a fantastic turn out for our Smart City hackathon – 45 people and 9 teams competed for our local prizes (6 Pi’s, 6 lego kits and 6 gift cards) as well as the larger Global Urban Datafest prizes. A full list of the projects and teams can be found here: http://www.global.datafest.net/projects     –     Look for the Vancouver projects. Some thoughts about Smart Cities and technologies arising from the Hackathon…

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