LoRaWAN – An IoT Urban Innovations Platform

One of the challenges with achieving smart city goals, especially involving citizen participation, is that it isn’t yet easy, or cheap, to get everyday urban things to talk to the Internet.  There’s a variety of staging technologies including Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, WiFi and cellular, but each has a significant range, reliability, or cost limitation. For example, if I’m a citizen and for whatever reason I want to talk to my bicycle over the Internet, or I run a small company and…

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Hay On Wye, innovation and the US ambassador to the UK – or why Instagram isn’t as interesting an innovation exemplar as Eastman Kodak.

@rodgerlea I recently attended a talk on Innovation at the annual Hay On Wye literary festival. A strange place for an innovation talk you might think, and to a certain extent you’re right. It wasn’t quite what I expected, and certainly light on content. It was, however, interesting to hear what the US ambassador to the UK thought about innovation as well as his role in explaining the US’s position to UK citizens. At one point, the interviewer, Alec Ross,…

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