City Making

Urban Opus is a nonprofit that partners with urban stakeholders to design and develop original data-driven services to engage civic audiences.  We offer technology, expertise and project management for pioneering how people and data can co-create the quality of life and prosperity of cities.

Partnering with Community Organizations

PeopleCities are communities of communities, and the vast majority of community organizations, even cities themselves, have limited capacity to imagine how data might serve their publics better, and to build applications that do so.  Urban Opus brings such capacity to the table, including technology, engineering, development and project management, enabling our community partners, their public, and their mission to serve as fertile ground for progressive innovation.

Urban communities can be geographical, but they are also represent all of the distributed and diverse facets of a vibrant society. Connecting with these voices and their potential is something that data applications can achieve.  Check out the Urban Opus project portfolio for some examples.

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Partnering with Governments and Corporations

PeopleLarge organizations often have plenty of data, and technical capacity, but limited experience with the art and science of public engagement.  Urban Opus specializes in this human interface, and can blend existing open and proprietary data sources with experience design to achieve the ‘alchemy’ of effective engagement.

A common challenge for large organizations is understanding how to mine the value of data they already have, and to enhance that value via blending with other data sources.  They also typically have critical liability issues with respect to the security and privacy of data they have or may acquire.  Urban Opus has expertise and experience in exactly these areas, and was incorporated as a nonprofit precisely to be able to champion new forms of citizen engagement in the public trust.

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Partnering with Multiple Stakeholders

HandsUrban Opus is expert at collaborative, city-scaled innovation.  We understand how to bring corporate, government and community stakeholders together with researchers and startups to pioneer new forms of digital public engagement. We can work anywhere in the world, but position Metro Vancouver as a unique ‘living lab’ for proving new ideas.

We are adept at program management, partnerships, grant-writing, acceleration, incubation, intellectual property, and all aspects of early-stage design, prototyping and implementation of original solutions.

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