The Urban Opus Society has begun discussions to join the Urban Technology Alliance (UTA), a new organization having focused on helping cities, industry and academia accelerate Smart City ideas from poC to viable and sustainable service.

Urban Opus will be present at the launch and has committed to provide leadership in the development of data brokerage solutions enabling the harmonization open, corporate and citizen data streams.

UTA is a global non-profit organization providing city-scale testbeds from all around the world, to deploy, test and validate the latest smart city innovations. The UTA is providing trusted and neutral guidance to cities for their sustainable digital transformation, enabling them to face today’s economic, social and environmental challenges. The UTA is setting up a vibrant community including a complete smart city ecosystem composed of cities, industry, academy and non-profit organizations. UTA members will network, build partnerships, deploy and test concrete solutions in real-life environments and share best practice and success stories among members worldwide.

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