Startup Acceleration

Urban Opus incubates and accelerates early-stage smart city ideas, both local and global, from conception through market introduction. We provide advanced engineering, prototyping and field-trials for emerging solutions in a city-sized sandbox together with multi-sector collaborators and lead customers. 

Conception & incubation

LightDo you have a smart city idea that needs fleshing out?
Do you have data but don’t know how to take it to market?
Do you have an urban audience you wish to engage?
Are you looking for a smart city opportunity to invest in, or run with?

Urban Opus specializes in citizen centric smart city solutions.  We’re in touch with what’s happening around the world and can access expertise and leverage relationships across most disciplines and sectors to provide foundational research, market studies, business design, interaction models and technical architecture. We can help you incubate or accelerate your smart city idea

We can help you conceive an original for-profit and non-profit venture solution, including data-driven revenue models.

As well, beyond the projects outlined in our portfolio, we always have a set of exciting seed opportunities ready for the right partner or champion.

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Prototyping & Testbedding

FatherChildIf you want to test an idea or build a minimum viable product, we have the technology, engineering, development and project management expertise to make it happen.

If your solution requires advanced R&D we have excellent connections with university labs, researchers and students, and can access a broad range of funding and support programs.  We can also accelerate your solution at a skunkworks level with teams of students, and through competitions and hackathon events.

Urban Opus is adept with open innovation processes as well as completely confidential contracting and collaborations.  Back-end work, front-end, processing, analytics, etc., are all within scope for resourcing. We can implement field trials with whatever size of audience, performance criteria and privacy/security constraints might be required.

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Venture Creation & Incubation

When a solution is ready to go to market, or requires more formal incubation services including company creation, business mentoring, strategic financing, etc., we are partnered with Urban Ventures Network (UVN) to provide a seamless commercialization path. UVN is for-profit smart cities incubator and member of the Canadian Association of Business Incubation (CABI).

Global Partners & Immigrant Entrepreneurs

LeapUrban Opus actively welcomes the interest of international smart cities ventures and entrepreneurs.

Urban Opus offers international companies, large and small, the ability conceive, prototype and testbed new ideas here, as well as to localize existing solutions for North American, established and emerging markets. We position Vancouver and our networks here as an unsurpassed living lab for human-centered smart city solutions.  Vancouver, as one of the most livable cities in the world, has an enviable head-start in pioneering the future of cities everywhere.

Through our partnership with Urban Ventures Network (UVN), we are also able to support international companies opening branch operations and new ventures in Canada, along with proven entrepreneurs and start-up ventures.

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