Results from the March Smart City Hackathon

We had  a fantastic turn out for our Smart City hackathon – 45 people and 9 teams competed for our local prizes (6 Pi’s, 6 lego kits and 6 gift cards) as well as the larger Global Urban Datafest prizes. A full list of the projects and teams can be found here:     –     Look for the Vancouver projects.

Some thoughts about Smart Cities and technologies arising from the Hackathon have been posted here

Here’s the direct links to our winners – congratulations to them and all the participants!

Joint 1st Place

Share-to is a for-profit initiative to allow people to share physical objects and services for specific periods of time, nurturing collaborative consumption and facilitating novel the sharing economy.
As cities grow, spaces become tighter. We have an opportunity to be more efficient with the use of these spaces based on their availability outside of operating hours. As residential spaces get smaller, the need for activity spaces outside the home gets bigger.

2nd Place


For this hackathon, we made a webapp called City Talk. The problem we want to solve is to improve the communications between citizens and city officials as well as provide a platform for discussing specific issues citizens might have.

3rd place


Grouple is a cross-platform mobile/web application with the goal to connect people together in order to build a stronger sense of community.


Thanks to our sponsors, IBM, Sense Tecnic Systems and Digital Dispatch