Urban Opus, like cities of the future, will be co-created.  Please contact us if you can help shape and lead our success.

The Urban Opus Society is an incorporated non-profit under the Society Act of British Columbia, Canada.  We have a dedicated board of directors and trusted advisors, and are inspired by a network of researchers, executives, thought-leaders, change-agents, innovators and community champions around the world.

Urban Opus is a nonprofit specifically to enable unambiguous partnership and leadership, together with foundations, community organizations, governments and other stakeholders, in innovative projects and initiatives focused on the fulfilment of citizen, community and urban potentials.

David Vogt — President

Originally an astronomer, Dr. Vogt specializes in collaborative innovation, specifically bringing together entrepreneurs, researchers, customers and other stakeholders to co-create original, market-ready solutions involving emerging technologies. David’s focus is the experience economy: how humanity is entering an era of almost magical ability to stage and mediate individual and collective experience.

Rodger Lea — Principal

Currently adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia, Canada and CEO of an IoT focused startup, Sense Tecnic Systems Inc, Dr. Lea brings to bear over 20 years experience in industrial research at companies such as Sony and HP. He’s passionate about new technologies, Smart Cities and building thriving innovation ecosystems.

Mike Blackstock — Principal

Dr. Michael Blackstock is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at MAGIC and co-founder of Sense Tecnic Systems. Blackstock’s research focuses on systems support for the Internet of Things, ubiquitous and pervasive computing. In his thesis work he proposed a common programming model for ubiquitous systems based on existing systems’ abstractions, evaluated by integrating several representative and well known research systems. Prior to joining MAGIC, Blackstock was VP of R&D at Inetco Systems, and co-founder of two local startups, Colligo Networks and Infowave Software.

Phil Chatterton — Project Leader

Phil is a dynamic and energetic technology expert focused on data innovation, community transformation and digital alchemy. His passion is launching and growing first-of-a-kind ventures. Phil continues to make a big impact across the education, collaboration and community spheres. His deep experience in the education space (from both corporate and institutional roles) has enabled him to initiate ground breaking digital initiatives on both sides. Phil is passionate about creating better communities and building a society that uses digital tools in a constructive and transformative way.