Smart City Data Brokerage: lessons from Copenhagen

A city data brokerage is the next step for open data and provides a means for individuals and organisations to publish, buy, sell and trade data. It provides an essential level of trust and control to encourage organizations to make available high value data sets. It also offers a framework in which individuals can begin to share and control access to their personal data. One of the forefront cities in exploring this concept is Copenhagen, who have deployed a trial…

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Node-RED tutorial

  Update May 16: We’ve added a new lecture covering Dashboards/UI techniques to the lecture series on Node-RED – check it out at:¬† They complement the tutorials described below and offer a step by step guide to learning how to program using Node-RED. Roberto Calderon over at Sense Tecnic ( has been busy over the summer creating some excellent tutorials for Node-RED as well as for the WoTKit which is the IoT platform sitting underneath the Urban Opus data hub.…

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