Update May 16: We’ve added a new lecture covering Dashboards/UI techniques to the lecture series on Node-RED – check it out at: http://noderedguide.com/. They complement the tutorials described below and offer a step by step guide to learning how to program using Node-RED.

Roberto Calderon over at Sense Tecnic (www.sensetecnic.com) has been busy over the summer creating some excellent tutorials for Node-RED as well as for the WoTKit which is the IoT platform sitting underneath the Urban Opus data hub.

For Smart City App developers, some of these are a great place to get started with Node-RED and to play around with some of the data we have in the Urban Opus data hub.

You can check out the full set of lectures which include:

In addition, you can check out the original tutorials at http://developers.sensetecnic.com/

Some of my favourites are:

He’s also written tutorials covering Node-RED and the PI, Arduino, as well as a series of how-to guides to get data to and from the FRED Node-RED platform

Check them out at: http://developers.sensetecnic.com/knowledge/guides/

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